A Cherry Mash, a Coke and Grandma

Ah, memories.  It’s afternoon, I’ve already had lunch and played in the pool for a while and my grandma is calling me in to have a snack.  She’s sitting down to watch her favorite, now cancelled, soap opera As The World Turns and wants to know if I’d like to watch it with her and have a Cherry Mash and a Coke.  Of course!

Mmm… who can turn down gooey cherry goodness?  Creamy centers of candy mixed with maraschino cherries and double dipped in a chocolate peanut mixture.  Could you really say no to a Cherry Mash?  I couldn’t, I can’t.

Random fun fact: Did you know that the Cherry Mash is the third oldest candy bar in the country according to its maker The Chase Candy Company?

And, how could I turn down that ice-cold Coke? It may have only sold nine glasses a day in its first year but today one billion cans are consumed per day and I needed to be included in that number!

Random fun fact: The contour bottle, the signature shape of Coca-Cola, was chosen for its attractive appearance, original design and the fact that, even in the dark, you could identify the genuine article.

You might say my grandma was giving me way too much sugar as a child and you’re probably right but that’s not the part I enjoyed the most.  It was getting to spend time with her that meant the most to me.

To this day a big smile break outs on my face when I see a Cherry Mash or a Coke.  I’ll never forget those times curled up on the floor in my swimsuit, hair wet in a towel, munching on candy and sipping my drink watching As The World Turns.  Thank you for the sweetest memories Grandma!

19 thoughts on “A Cherry Mash, a Coke and Grandma

    1. You’ve never had a Cherry Mash? If you get the chance, you should really try one.

      They’re made in Missouri somewhere. But, I’ve found they are a little hard to find in Kansas sometimes.

  1. Hi Emily, swinging by from Susie’s. What a nice memory. My grandma used to give me white bread with butter and a nice thick layer of sugar on top! I loved it. (My mom wasn’t as excited for me to eat it as I was.)

  2. Hi Emily,

    It’s funny how the big event, like a birthday party or a prom, rarely results in a life-long memory. The unplanned moments, the connection of small things with people whom we love — that’s the stuff that sticks with us. Those memories may mean little to others, but they are embedded in us for the long haul.

    Susie sent me.🙂

  3. Like some of your other commenters I never heard of a Cherry Mash until I read your post, Emily. I don’t recall ever seeing them where I grew up, San Francisco. I was a buzzed runt on plenty of other far too sweet confections though. Glad that you shared such lovely memories with your grandmother. Mine was about as much fun as asbestos. Our mutual pal, Susie, sent me.

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