Wordless Wednesday and More Cookies

I brought some really cute dog cookies home from Kansas with me earlier this month.  I’ve been saving them for a special occasion when I realized there is no better time to share these cookies than now!  And, believe me Boomer and Dottie were so happy they finally got to eat them!

Boomer and Dottie

Prospect Eats

The most amazing thing happens from April to September on Monday nights in the Prospect area of Longmont, CO.  It’s called Prospect Eats and it’s a food truck rally/music event/meetup in the park thing.  And, it’s awesome.  You bring your own seating (blankets, chairs, etc.) and set up camp somewhere in the park where you can see the stage and hear the music.  Around the outside of the park the trucks line up where you can order from as many of them as you want.

prospect eats

We’ve already been several times but if it were up to me I’d be there every week!  The main draw for me is all the food trucks, I love trying new ones.  But, for some people it’s the music.  Whatever takes you there it’s best to arrive early if you want parking and a good spot to sit.  It does get pretty busy as the night goes by.  It’s a family friendly event and even dog friendly (if Fido is well-behaved).

So these food trucks… I’m in heaven with all the choices… I’m also in hell with all the choices… they’re all that good.

My favorite is Comida, you’ve heard me talk about Comida Cantina before, they also have a truck!  I try to give the other trucks a chance but it’s hard when there are griddled chicken tacos calling your name, among other things.  It’s hard to pass up the spicy, cheesy goodness that is a griddled chicken taco.

comida griddled chicken tacos

And, you can’t forget dessert, if you’re looking for something sweet and tasty look no further than Waffle Cakes.  Now these aren’t your average waffle, according to their website they’re, “a buttery, flaky, pastry/dessert disguised as a waffle!  Our Waffle Cakes are made with specialty imported Pearl sugar from Belgium.  They start out as dough instead of batter and are baked on-site made to order on waffle irons also imported from Belgium.  When baked the Pearl sugar caramelizes on the outside while maintaining its crunch on the inside.”  They are soooo good.  We’ve been to their truck more than once, I’ve tried a plain waffle, a cinnamon roll waffle, a peanut butter cup waffle and a peanut butter cup brownie waffle.  You can also make your own waffle, the hubby made one with carmelized banana, peanut butter, whipped cream, and bacon, he named it The King.  (Get it?)

waffle cakes

In addition to these trucks we’ve also tried Verde, Cheese Lousie, The Tasterie Truck, Bumper Crop and Sweet Cow Ice Cream.  And, so far we’ve yet to be disappointed with anything we’ve tried from the trucks.  There are still many more to try, I can’t wait!

prospect eats

Bottom Line: if you find yourself in my neck of the woods on a Monday night during the summer/fall months come to this event, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll probably see me!

Do you have events like this where you live?  Or do you have a favorite food truck?

*To see other yummy places to eat, check out my Restaurants page!


Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

I know, I know, I’ve already had a guest post with the same topic last month.  But, I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep a good eye on your pets during the summer if you want to have them out and about with you.  I just want to pound these things into people’s heads so they don’t forget because I’ve seen far too many dogs with heatstroke and burned feet and read way too many times about dogs being left in hot cars not making it.  So another guest post it is!  Read on and please remember these oh so important tips written by reader Emma Crowther (see bio at end of post).

Boomer and Dottie in the car

Boomer and Dottie enjoying a car ride

Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Now that summer has arrived many of us have vacations, garden parties and long, lazy days at the beach. We will probably also be thinking about bringing our trusty pooches along to join the fun but while we soak up the sun it is worth remembering that summer can be a strenuous and even dangerous time of year for dogs. Many of the dangers that apply to humans during the hot weather can also affect dogs but because they are unable to tell us that they are suffering, some of the signs may go unnoticed resulting in our beloved pets becoming ill or worse. Here are some of the top summer dangers for your dog and the best ways to ensure that they are safe and happy in the sun.


At the height of summer the sun can be very powerful and, just like humans, dogs can suffer from heatstroke and sunburn if they are outdoors for too long. Heatstroke occurs when their body temperature rises dangerously high and some of the signs that might indicate this is happening include rapid breathing, panting, excessive drooling, red gums and a lack of balance and coordination. If you notice any of these signs in your dog then you must try to cool them down by giving them unrestricted access to cool water (both to bathe in and to drink) and ensure that there are shaded areas for them to rest. Strenuous walking and exercise should be kept to a minimum on hot days or at least restricted to early mornings or evenings when the sun isn’t as strong. Muzzling a dog on a hot day is also not recommended as they pant in order to naturally cool themselves down and this can prevent that. Dogs can also easily become sunburned just like humans and light-colored, short-haired dogs are particularly at risk from this. Invest in some special pet sunblock for your dog this year and don’t forget their ears and nose.


Taking a summer vacation is often the highlight of the year for many families but traveling at this time of year can be stressful for dogs – some airlines even refuse to ship dogs during the hotter months due to the extreme temperatures in the hold of their aircraft. Noise, movement and changes in air pressure can also cause distress for them (this is particularly true for brachycephalic dogs such as pugs, boxers and Pekinese whose nasal passages are narrower anyway). If you do decide to ship your animal by air then ensure that you check your airline’s rules thoroughly and keep your dog cool with ice packs in it’s carrier. If you are traveling by road then ensure your dog is properly secured. Having a loose dog roaming in any type vehicle is dangerous for everyone on board. Give them regular rest breaks and under no circumstances leave them alone in a stationary vehicle. Even if you only anticipate a short rest break, the temperature can rise to dangerous levels within minutes and you never know when you may be delayed. Each year thousands of dogs die through being left in hot cars; do not let this happen to your pet.

General health

The general health of dogs is thought to deteriorate in summer so it is important to ensure their vaccinations are up to date. Ticks and fleas thrive during the warmer months and you may need to take action to protect your dog from these. Collars, sprays and shampoos can all help repel parasites that can irritate your dog and invade your home. You may also notice your dog itching or sneezing more as they develop allergic reactions to certain pollens or flowers. Your vet can give you tips on how best to deal with allergies that are aggravated during the summer months. It is important to have pet insurance all year round but as the days become longer and lighter your dog may be spending more time outdoors and this does increase their risk – both in terms of picking up an illness or being involved in an accident. Make sure that you have cover for your pet and always check the small print to ensure they are properly protected.

Beach and sea

A day at the beach can be fun for all the family but running on sand is much more strenuous than on normal terrain and your dog may become tired, overheated and thirsty more quickly. Over exertion may also see them straining muscles and ligaments so whilst it is fine for them to run around for a while (providing this isn’t prohibited on the beach) you should also encourage them to relax in the shade too. Many dogs love to swim in the ocean but this too can have it’s dangers – strong currents, jellyfish stings and ingesting too much salt water can all pose threats so take care if your dog wants to paddle and remember to wash them down afterwards as sea water can leave their fur matted and irritate their skin and paws.


Everyone gets thirsty in the hot weather and your dog is no exception. Offer them fresh, cool water regularly to keep them hydrated and also discourage them from drinking dangerous water such as pool/sea water or standing water from puddles which may contain harmful parasites or chemicals. Ice cubes and wet dog food are other ways of getting much-needed fluids into your dog.

* Emma Crowther is a freelance writer, and pens articles on lots of different topics – however, one of her main passions in life is animal welfare and animal rights and whenever she can, she likes to contribute to sites with these themes. In her other life, she’s a mother of two small children and spends time bringing them up to be responsible animal lovers, just like their mom.


Wordless Wednesday with a Cookie

We picked up the cutest dog cookies at Wagz Pet Market & Grooming in Fort Collins over the weekend.  They were so cute I just had to get a couple for Boomer and Dottie.

dog cookies from Wagz

Boomer has been guarding them on the kitchen counter since they came home.

Boomer Sooner

While Dottie just wondered when she could eat that darn squirrel!

Dottie Mae

Meet Your Dog on Their Mat

In yoga class the other day the teacher said, “Meet yourself where you are on your mat.”  At the time I thought it was genius because I was struggling compared to a few days prior in her class.  Obviously I had some sore tight places that I needed to take into consideration.  I needed to not get frustrated with myself and instead do what I could then.  After class I felt better, I didn’t force myself to do anything uncomfortable and my body thanked me for that.

I realized something though that phrase, “meet yourself where you are” could be applied to dogs and their training.  We as owners sometimes have high expectations for training with our dogs.  We expect them to know exactly what we want, when we want it.  But what if we took the “meet your dog on their mat” or “meet your dog where they are” approach instead?  Wouldn’t we be more successful?

I think we would.  When we work with our dogs we should take a look at where they are mentally and physically.  Are they feeling OK?  Are they tired or hungry?  What do they already know?  What are they working on learning?  How can I make this fun for them?
I’m sure this isn’t a new novel idea and that plenty of trainers work this way.  But maybe it’s a new concept for those that don’t work as trainers.  I just feel that if we examine these things we’ll be able to start a training session knowing where to start and also where to finish and everyone will be that much happier!

Wordy Wednesday

I’ve been out-of-town visiting family this past week which is why the blog has been pretty quiet.  But, I’m back in town and ready to blog again!

I thought I’d have a lot of pics to share with you but you know what?  I don’t!  Apparently I was so busy making memories with my family that I forgot to take pics!

And, that’s OK.

We live in a society where EVERYTHING gets shared so sometimes it’s nice to have a moment that’s private or maybe just not out there for the whole world to see.  You know what I mean?

make memories